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Bridging vision with creative strategy, Advertising Edge Inc. is a full-service brand promotion and advertising company that has been raising marketing standards since 1989. To date, Advertising Edge offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from marketing items, company uniforms, online company stores, graphics to swag that forms real connections between brands and their audiences. Overall, the goal since day one has always been about being an extension of your team - helping small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations grow, evolve, and ultimately achieve what they value the most: next-level products that lead to next-level success.


Rosa Ibarra’s journey with Advertising Edge Inc. began in 1998 as a shirt catcher at the end of a dryer. With a natural work ethic and respect for the process, she bootstrapped her way into production management and eventually became the sales lead and the right hand to the previous owner. Fast forward to 2020 during the heat of the pandemic, Rosa and her husband Roberto Ibarra took a leap of faith and acquired the business. This was also amid planning and hosting their wedding and adopting a newborn - making it a year of significant milestones.


Both coming from humble beginnings, Rosa and Roberto share a deep-rooted understanding of hard work, perseverance, and the power of the creative mindset. Rosa was born in Mexico to a U.S. citizen father and a Mexican mother, and recognized her entrepreneurial and adaptable spirit at an early age. Roberto, on the other hand, spent his early years in Jerez Zacatecas, Mexico before planting roots in his birth city of San Diego. Formerly, Roberto spent many years working at the U.S. Navy shipyards, the same ones that Advertising Edge does business with.


Today, Advertising Edge Inc. now stands as a woman-owned and minority-owned enterprise, dedicated to providing full-service brand promotion and advertising specialties. The company’s foundation remains on delivering exceptional quality and building strong relationships with clients, guaranteeing seamless experiences from initial consultation to final delivery. From small businesses to large corporations, clients can expect personalized service, expert curation, and exclusive deals, all backed by a team that values integrity, honesty, and all things creativity.


You Get One Shot With First Impressions. Let’s Make It Count.


Overall, Advertising Edge’s competitive edge concepts may be layered, but the vision is simple: to challenge the status quo via non-cookie-cutter designs and to create powerful, beyond-the-mainstream products that get brands seen, heard, and remembered. This is alongside the promise to deliver customers the confidence they are connecting with professionals who approach the term 'impossible' differently and the peace of mind of knowing that their measure of success will come from real results, never empty promises. From one trailblazer to another, you deserve no less than that.




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Beyond The Business


Outside of their professional endeavors, Rosa and Roberto are proud parents to a blended family of five children, a son in-law, a granddaughter, and are foster parents who have adopted. When not running the business, they enjoy quality time with each other and their family.





Advertising Edge Inc. is proud to be a member of the Santee Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.

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